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We offer you alternatives to traditional medicine. Do you ever feel foggy and run down? Do you have questions that traditional medicine has not helped? Don’t fret! The Health Wave is here to discover your issues.

The Health Wave System approaches healing from non-invasive and pain free methods. It is based on the understanding that when the individual cells are brought into balance, your entire being achieves health. Our cutting edge technologies use ecologically & environmentally safe ‘modalities’ to create well-being. Our methods are FDA approved.

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The Health Wave Technologies!

Asyra Analysis

Electro dermal testing systems which uncovers current and pre-clinical environmental, physical, and nutritional allergies.

Scalar Wave Room

The new wave in health technology
discovered by Albert Einstein and Nickola Tesla, Scalar Wave technology supports cell regeneration to improve immune function, provide relief from pain and more.Experience the Scalar Wave Room at Health Wave today!

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI)

Safe, early detection of inflammation, hidden and obvious disease states.

Digital Pulse Analyzer (DPA)

Arterial Flexibility Analysis & Your biological Age

Electro-Magnetic (EMF) and Radiation Protection

  • Anti-Smart Meter Devices.
  • Get your Anti-Smart Meter Device at Health Wave today! (A Smart Meter is your electric company’s invasive monitoring meter). Find relief from the harmful effects of Smart Meter, Wi-Fi, and cell phone emanations. See our Benefits page for more information.
  • Whole House Radiation Protection
  • Laptop, Cell Phone, Router and Automobile Protection Devices
  • Full Body Protective Belt
  • Scalar Wave Medallions

Anti-Aging Consultation

Detailed consultation regarding well-being and anti-aging. Discover ways  to significantly increase your energy, mental clarity, boost human cell regeneration and more.

  • Attack congestive Heart failure naturally
  • Lengthen your Telomeres